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Office Cleaning, Metro Atlanta, GA

At Clean Source Pro, LLC in Acworth, GA, we are proud of our reputation and stand behind our work. Don’t take our word for it! Read what our satisfied customers have to say.

“Our law firm has contracted with Tyson Faine’s cleaning service for over two years now. In our environment, security and confidentiality are of the utmost importance, and Tyson has proven that his clients’ security is of the same level of importance to him. He is completely reliable in that aspect. Regarding the cleaning services provided, his methods are impeccable. All surfaces are cleaned regularly, and cleaned well. We have never had any complaints about the quality of his services. Again, as testament to the trust we have in him, projects can be left open and arrayed, and we return to find things in the same order in which they were left but, somehow, cleaned! I have met his wife and family, and these are good, solid people, of the highest caliber. Superior quality work, dependability and trustworthiness – all things I use to describe his services. I highly recommend Tyson and his company for your commercial cleaning needs.” – Kimberly D. Jackson, legal administrator

When I say I have had a hard time with cleaners it's the truth. I would not refer anyone if I wasn't confident in them. Tyson and his team are extremely friendly and detailed. They are at a great price with the amount of work they do, and Tyson and his team always makes sure the job gets done right the 1st time. I have had times where we were going to be working on a Saturday and I can get with him and then they will adjust their schedule to still have it cleaned before Monday. They are very reliable and I promise you will not find a better choice in a company and I mean that because I can be picky.

Jen M. Holt

Branch Manager

I hired this company to do some pressure washing to our entrance and the brick face of our building. They did an excellent job and they cleaned some other areas and didn’t even charge us for the extra work which made it look better. This is a real company and the owner has great communication skills and a very nice man.I recommend this company!!!!

Paul. T


I would like to thank Clean Source Pro, LLC and the owner Tyson; He did me a favor at the very last minute. I own a Pizza place and I was opening my fourth location I had purchased. I had a health inspection coming up in a few weeks and the place was trashed and shut down by the health inspector.

I had reached out to other cleaning companies and they rushed out and gave me very cheap prices of $480.00-$600.00. When I started asking them questions about cleaning and what chemicals they would be using. Let’s be clear hear I am dealing with food and the health of the public and I take it very serious.

So I just wasn’t feeling comfortable with them and I called Clean Source Pro Right at closing. The owner said I will come out in one hour. Well he pulled up in 50 minutes and I greeted him and he was very professional. I explained to him what I needed and he listened to every word. He began to explain the whole process and laid out the order everything needed to follow.

I then knew this guy knew what he was talking about and offered to handle everything to take the stress off of me. So I asked him what would this cost me and said $1,000.00 I gave Mr. Tyson a key to my restaurant and he communicated with me when he needed to via phone. So I have to say I passed my inspection and as the inspector was walking out. He said who cleaned your place? I told him and he said a lot of businesses need to hire that company.




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